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June 10-13, 2022
June 14-17, 2022

DREAM, Inc. Educational camps focus on children who have chemically addicted  family members. It is estimated that one in every four children are living in a  chemically addicted family.







You can either download the form, print it out, fill it out then mail it into the office, or you can fill out the form online, save it and then email it to DREAM at

The D.R.E.A.M. program model teaches about the disease of chemical addiction and operates on the belief that these children have an enormous amount of strengths, due to the illness in their family, if these strengths are identified and focused in a positive direction for positive reasons.


DREAM, Inc. was developed as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in January of 1988 by Sheryl R. Butler and Glenda M. Kramer. DREAM, Inc.'s mission is to reach children of chemically addicted  families through summer camp programs developed specifically to meet their needs. DREAM camps have been held since the summer of 1990. Excellent evaluation results of DREAM camps have been collected illustrating improvement for the children attending camps in all areas of knowledge concerning chemical addiction, coping skills and goal-setting as well as significant improvement in levels of self-esteem.


DREAM camps are held on the north shore of Cedar Bluff Reservoir in Western Kansas . The beautiful scenery, peacefulness and natural setting provide a perfect place for children to laugh. play and learn.

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